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Maria Elena Rusinek

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 My paintings reflect the influence of geometry and intense colors chacteristic of the physical surroundings in my country of origin, Venezuela. Over there, the coesxistence of architectural structures, minimalist in lines and colors, with an exhuberant nature of bold colors, create a contrasting yuxtaposition between nature and human constructions.  


Coming Events

I am honored to be part of the 2 exhibitions this coming March, as part of activities planned during the Latino Art Now! (LAN) Conferences in Houston

Diversity and Richness Exhibition @Silver Street Main Gallery

Latin American artists from Sawyer Yards will present their work in this exhibition 

Opening on March 22, 6-8 pm 

On view until April 28, 10-5

2000 Edward Street 

Houston 77007

Color OutsideThe Lines Exhibition @ George Memorial Library Bohachevsky Gallery, Fort Bend

Artist from the Latin American Women Artists of Houston (Lawah) will exhibit their work at the library 

Opening March 24, 2-4pm

On view until May 19

1001 Golfview Dr

Richmond 77469


Second Saturdays

Studios in Silver Street, including mine (#101), are open to visit and chat on the Second Saturday of every month. 


 Artist Statement                 

                  I am passionate about observing and representing the way we live, and what geometric elements we use to build our structures. My inspiration comes from exploring interior and exterior structures that define spaces, not only because life takes place in them, but also because they are entities that endure the passing of time.  In my work, I play with lines and planes within these constructions, making them intersect and interfere to create new shapes that not always exist in the reality I observe.

                 In addition, I am interested in studying geometrical arrangements to form patterns of organization. I combine lines, planes, shapes, and colors to establish a rhythm between figures throughout the compositions. By establishing either a hierarchy between elements or a lattice connecting components that are neighbors in space, I create organized structures featuring links beween geometrical elements.

                Figure painting is an area of interest I revisit from time to time. I get inspiration from old family photographs that represet moments of my past.  I like to set the figures in backgrounds different from those pictured in the photographs.

                  My technique consists of short and long brush strokes apply predominantly with flat brushes. My palette varies from chromatic grays of the rainy days I love,  to bold tones inspired by lively colors of my Venezuelan heritage.

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Silver Street Studios #101

2000 Edwards Street Houston TX (832) 661-8675


Second Saturday of every month 


By appointment